Appointed Safety Advisor Service

Appointed Safety Advisor Service

Why do I need this service?

This service is specifically designed for the business that is aware that it has legal responsibilities under current Health and Safety and/or Fire Safety legislation, but does not have either, the technical expertise in house, or the resources to employ a dedicated Safety Officer to efficiently manage those important responsibilities.

Whilst internal ownership and involvement is essential to effectively manage safety in the workplace, the ability to work with external safety professionals, on an ongoing basis will ease the workload on employers and responsible persons dramatically.

There are many times when the advice of a safety professional is both desirable and necessary, such as when moving premises, making alterations, changing work processes, bidding for new contracts, following accidents or ‘Near Misses’ or developing and providing suitable staff training programmes.

At Lawes Marsh we aim to provide an ongoing service and build an understanding of your business and your requirements all at the same time, at a fraction of the cost of employing a full time Safety Officer, or calling in a Consultant ad hoc.

The world of health and safety and fire safety is an ever-changing environment, making it difficult and time consuming to maintain up to date knowledge of requirements. At Lawes Marsh we can deal with these issues, allowing you to spend more of your precious time on your own business commitments.

What choice of service is available?

You can choose to opt for one of three services dependant on your specific needs:

  1. Fire Safety Advisor only.
  2. Health and Safety Advisor only.
  3. Joint Fire/Health and Safety Advisor.

Which service should I choose?

If you already feel that you have technical expertise in-house with regard to general Health and Safety, but are lacking in the specialised knowledge associated with Fire Safety then you can choose to opt for the Fire Safety Advisor only service and benefit from a reduced monthly fee. In some circumstances this situation may be reversed, in which case the appropriate choice would be the Health and Safety Advisor service.

For those organisations that require support in all aspects of Health and Safety then the Joint Service is the one for you. This is the most common and recommended for small to medium-sized organisations.