Residential Fire Safety

Residential Fire Safety

What is required of you as the Landlord or managing agent?

  • Fire Risk Assessment – conducted by a competent person
  • Fire Safety Policy
  • Information for residents and tenants
  • Provide and maintain Fire safety equipment

Are there legal ramifications?

Unfortunately things do go wrong and as a Landlord, or property manager, you have responsibilities under the ‘Order’, but provided you take all reasonable steps to adequately manage the fire related risks within your properties, as indicated above you will have shown ‘due diligence’ and therefore be deemed compliant.

How can Lawes Marsh help you to comply?

As your appointed Competent Person(s) we can help ensure that you comply with the requirements of the legislation in the most cost effective way possible. We have extensive knowledge of fire safety legislation and our experience as enforcement officers, and specialise in residential safety.

We can:

  • Conduct compliant assessments
  • Apply practical methodology
  • Provide competent advice
  • Prove due diligence, affordably.

On top of this our aim is to ensure that this can be provided as cost effectively as possible and we have developed a pricing structure that enables us to provide significant discounts for multiple building assessments. By carefully managing the inspection process and grouping of surveys, we can realise significant savings that we pass on to the client. If you would like to discuss any of the above with one of our specialists please contact us.