Business Fire Safety

Business Fire Safety

Completing the Fire Risk Assessment alone is not enough to demonstrate compliance with the legislation. There is also a need to demonstrate that the organisation has suitable and sufficient arrangements with regard to emergency evacuation, record keeping, and provision of relevant fire safety training. The company should produce a ‘Policy’ that clearly outlines their commitment to these important areas. If these arrangements are not already in place, they will be highlighted as a deficiency within the risk assessment report and will need to be acted upon within realistic timescales.

At Lawes Marsh, we have developed a package specifically aimed at providing all these important requirements for our clients to help them to cover all the minimum legal requirements in one go.

The ‘Legal Compliance Package’ includes the following:

  • Production of company fire safety ‘Policy Statement’.
  • Fire risk assessment and fire safety management audit, including production of report in full compliance with new ‘Fire Safety Order’.
  • Fire Emergency Action Plan.
  • Fire safety record keeping ‘Log Book’.
  • Fire Safety Training Session (approx 1 hour), to include the following:

– Basic Fire Awareness and Fire Prevention
– Fire Extinguisher familiarisation and use (Video)
– Day to day fire safety management
– Understanding the Fire risk assessment